Application procedure

In the studio of Bart Geerts, 2011 (photo: Jan Peeters)

The deadline for submitting new PhD applications is March 1 2018.


PhD proposals must be submitted by the deadline at the latest, digitally and by post, to LUCA School of Arts - Research Office, Paleizenstraat 70, 1030 Brussels - The portfolio must be send only digitally. When compiling the digital file, and the portfolio in particular, please ensure that the file does not exceed 6 MB.

The proposal should also include a signed letter of advice from

- the head of a research unit at LUCA School of Arts

- the supervisor (LUCA School of Arts or KU Leuven)

- the co-supervisor (only if the supervisor is professor at KU Leuven)

If the PhD project receives a positive preliminary recommendation, the candidate will discuss the project at the next meeting of the PhD Committee for the Arts on March 16 2018.

Next deadline:

PhD projects that are submitted after the deadline of March 1 will be referred to the academic year’s next deadline in August 2018.

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