Graphic Design, Academic bachelor degree in Visual Arts on Sint-Lukas campus, Brussels

Academic bachelor degree in Visual Arts on Sint-Lukas campus, Brussels

The Graphic Design specialisation on the Sint-Lukas campus in Brussels offers students a trans-disciplinary environment in which the dynamic interaction between graphic design, art, media and technology is explored. Students are trained to become autonomous, problem-solving bridge builders between different disciplines, capable of realising projects within a wide societal context.

Orientation, consciously choosing your specialisation

In Year 1, you will explore the broad field of visual culture and learn about different design disciplines (advertising, illustration and graphic design) and forms of communication. You will develop and realise meaningful concepts and learn to consider design as a forward-looking, transformational activity.

After this broad orientation, in Year 2 you will choose between specialising in Graphic Storytellling or Media & Information Design. Year 3 begins with an international semester and ends with a final bachelor project that prepares you for the academic master programme. You can add your own accents by following an internship (practice-based direction) or opt to further investigate a specific theme (research-based direction). The course does not impose any limitations. Rather, it encourages you to refine your ideas about your chosen discipline via a productive cross-fertilisation with other work methods.

A critical design attitude

Alongside design, you will focus on an ongoing critical analysis of your work process through academic writing and presentations. This will bring you insights into the manner in which designers operate in different geographical, historical and cultural contexts and will give you the necessary intellectual capacity to grow into the next generation of leading designers, authors and artists.

Specialisation Graphic Storytellling

The step from cartoonist to illustrator and back is very small. Both meet in the Graphic Storytellling specialisation where your graphic and narrative talents can blossom. You will learn how to tell personal stories via classic comic strips, graphic novels, cartoons, illustrations…

This gives you the opportunity as a student to literally break free. Meanwhile, you will study the latest technologies and diverse media and narrative techniques.

Specialisation Media & Information Design

In the Media & Information Design specialisation you are stimulated to study the multiplicity of media in a critical way, and to think about and develop concept-driven solutions. Branding (corporate design), organisation (information design) and narration (editorial design) are the pillars that support this specialisation. Via open assignments you will be challenged to autonomously investigate interdisciplinary and complex communication exercises.

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