International Research Seminar "making school in the age of the screen" - January 20th at Ghent

Making School in the Age of the Screen - Part Two

Venue :
LUCA School of Arts, Ghent (Campus Sint–Lucas, Alexianenplein 1/2, Ghent)
Organiser :
Nancy Vansieleghem ( or Joris Vlieghe (

The three-part seminar series is built around three themes or issues: attention, presence and the public role of (school) education. In our next seminar we will mainly focus on presence. Our invited speakers for the second seminar are Frank Maet (LUCA) and Anna Caterina Dalmasso (Lyon University). Both will give a public lecture and conduct a master class. We will also discuss two seminal texts and the film. During the seminar participants have the opportunity to present their ideas during short presentations.

We will continue our discussion during the last seminar (26/05 -27/05 in Liverpool). The results of this seminar series will be published in an edited volume with Routledge.

Participation to these seminars is free, but the number of places is limited. If you are interested in attending this seminar, and give a presentation please contact Nancy Vansieleghem (

Further information and programme available here.

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