EARN Conference 2016

In the wake of the rising popularity of curatorial programmes, the shifting positions of both artist and curator have been the subject of intense debate in recent years. Crucial to these debates is the question of how to deal with the potential and agency of specific works of art and the relations established between them. In a recent interview Gavin Wade talked about his view on artist-curators by distinguishing between having work on show and the activity of showing as such. “(…) I propose that art is exhibition, that art is not exhibited but that art exhibits, that exhibition is a fundamental function of being human, and the fundamental process of art.” (On Curating, June 2013).

The two-day international conference THAT ART EXHIBITS will draw attention to what it means for art to exhibit. The conference wants to bring together research projects that integrate processes of artistic agency and mediation in the field of contemporary art and visual culture at large, beyond the ostensible dichotomy between artist and curator. Its aim is to explore the notions of curation and display/exhibition as artistic research practices. THAT ART EXHIBITS will question the opportunities of transformation made possible by positioning things, actions, and interventions in relation to each other in a specific temporal and spatial setup.

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