Joint Doctoral Seminars 2015

Same Place, Other Places

Hanne Van Reusel & Shervin Kianersi
Greet Billet & Wim Goossens

Two duos (an architect and an artist) meet in a gallery space. One duo starts to talk about the scale and dimensions of the inside space, about the awkward positioning of the walls, and about ways to reveal the quality of the space. The other duo is struck by the gallery’s border position in between the school and the neighbourhood, asking themselves how the outside might relate to the semi-transparent space inside and how that space might possibly function as an open invitation to others. Two duos meet in a gallery space and go about in performative reciprocal moves.

How to get a grip on the space as a conceptual, formal and social container; an (other) place?

JDS Joint Doctoral Seminar

The Joint Doctoral Seminar is a series of doctoral seminars jointly organized by the Department of Architecture, Campus Sint-Lucas (KU Leuven) and LUCA Faculty of the Arts (LUCA School of Arts). JDS was set up with the intention to preserve and further enhance the fundamental artistic connections between the arts and architecture. JDS offers doctoral students the opportunity to present research projects in new and innovative ways by focusing on artistic research output and crossing the boundaries between disciplines.

Curated by Riet Eeckhout and Bart Geerts

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