Saxofoon zonder mondstuk

Don-Paul Kahl

Saxofoon zonder mondstuk: een studie naar techniek, praktijk, bruikbaarheid, artistieke mogelijkheden en akoestische fenomenen

Don-Paul Kahl

  • Onderzoekseenheid Music & Drama
  • Onderzoeksgroep Performance Practice & Composition

Composers have recently integrated techniques proper to saxophone without mouthpiece attached to the neckpiece within their works. This doctoral project sheds light on the artistic possibilities, performance practice and notational issues of these techniques. The research method consists in an exploratory stage (in which all compositions are collected, practiced, and analyzed), a practical stage (in which data on anatomical aspects, sound result and performance practice are generated) and an ordering stage (in which the results of the previous stages catalyze the production of the research output). At the end, a guide will explain to performers how to successfully execute these techniques and to composers how to consistently notate and efficiently employ them. A DVD will complement the guide with audio examples, video tutorials and recordings of all investigated musical works; a website, concerts, and lectures will further champion this lesser known facet of saxophone playing.

  • Promotor: Dr. Jeroen D’hoe (LUCA)
  • Copromotor: Prof. Marcus Weiss (Hochschule für Musik Basel)
  • Looptijd: 2016-2020
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