Shadows for the Empty Centre

Lucia d'Errico

Shadows for the Empty Centre. Recomposing Baroque Sounds, Words and Images

Lucia D'Errico

  • Onderzoekseenheid Music & Drama
  • Onderzoeksgroep Performance Practice & Composition

Starting from the idea of an empty centre as a distinguishing feature of Baroque art, my project aims to give an acoustic and visual rendition of absence. Whether it symbolizes the vacuity (vanitas) of earthly life, or the intangible presence of divinity (as in the diaphane domes by Guarini and Juvarra), a haunting absence occupies the centre of many Baroque pieces of art and music. The excess of ornamentation does but enhance this concept just as it apparently tries to soothe a horror vacui, attempting to fill an unreachable nothingness and substantiating its own redundancy. My aim is to amplify this absence through the recomposition of 17th and early 18th century pieces of music and poetry into other artistic forms, so that an outline of the original remains audible or visible. The latent shape of the ancient work hovers in them: it is there, yet it is not there also.

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