'Primary Ground' / G. Küng

'Primary Ground' / G. Küng
"This is “world building” for a world I’d like to live in. I’m literally making ground by layering and layering flat stuff to get to 3D. It’s fragile, but it’s a foundation.

In Iceland I saw a young canyon, and a glacier calving off an absurdity of gorgeous icebergs. You can connect yourself to these rhythms. Thinking about the water carving the canyon over millenia brings me comfort.

Even though the earth is indifferent, its scale is out of our proportions, my decisions still matter and belong to me.

Some women have babies and that’s a fact. Usually it’s women who take on the emotional and physical labor of care that must be done in all communities. But we still have strong creative powers and desires. Let this be a space free from judgement for whatever choices get made."

- G. Küng

Bron: UiTinVlaanderen.be

Paleizenstraat 116
1030 Schaarbeek (Brussel)
Van 17 januari 2019 tot 23 februari 2019
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