Show Research #9 Alina Cristea

Show Research #9 Alina Cristea

Wed 20 February, 18 - 21 h
Public opening & reception
Terrarium (Paleizenstraat 70, 1030 Brussels)

Fri 22 February
Closed seminar for masterstudents

Alina Cristea (1989) is a Romanian artist working with photography and film, currently living and working in Brussels and in Bucharest. She uses photography to reflect on inner thinking processes - mostly her own - but also on mentalities in "Bucharest. The City - Me" and psychological states in "bluebird". She is also interested in how the particular is relevant for depicting the universal. After having been living abroad in different cities, in Belgium and in the Czech Republic, where she studied photography and Cultural Studies, she became interested in her identity as a Romanian in Europe and, even more so, that of being born in Bucharest. This lead to the long-term project and ongoing PhD research Bucharest. The City with One Inhabitant. The City-Me. In this work, she started to incorporate text and audio, besides her faithful medium - photography.

Bucharest. The City-Me
“Matei Visniec has once named one of his poetry books The City with One Inhabitant. This is how I always felt about Bucharest - as my city, even more so, the city - me” (Mircea Cartarescu).
By using narrations to re-signify situations and events filtered through her individual and particular viewpoints, Alina Cristea aims to tell a story about Bucharest as she sees it.
Alina Cristea's thoughts stick close to the outside world when roaming the city of Bucharest with her camera. After a long period of absence, she looks at her native city with the eyes of a tourist or a photographer, or not quite entirely, given that she finds herself in the situation of a person trying to look at her former biotope with unfamiliar eyes. Her attention focuses mainly on the behaviour of the people in the urban sphere, covering the four seasons in one year. This results in a series of powerful images that are actually universal, while on screen we can follow her inner dialogue during the journey." (Source: Filip Luyckx)

SHOW RESEARCH is a 2-3-day long presentation by researchers linked to the Intermedia Research Unit of our campus, giving insight into their research practice. The unit gathers together researchers from both Visual Arts and Audiovisual Arts Sint-Lukas Brussels that belong to one of the three research groups (Mediated Environments, Narrative Arts and Expanded Photography). The format consists of a public presentation, a closed seminar for researchers and a workshop with master students. In 2018-19 four researchers will present their ongoing research at the LUCA Gallery. Each Show Research kicks off with a public opening on Wednesday evening.


Luca School of Arts Campus Sint-Lukas
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Van wo 20 februari 2019 00:00 tot vr 22 februari 2019 23:59
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