User ID and Password

After registration you will receive a confirmation of your enrolment in your mailbox. You can also find your user name in that email. Your user name always starts with an r followed by 7 digits.

This user id or r-number will remain the same throughout your studies and you will need it frequently. In order to use your user id, you must set a password with the activation code that you received in the email.

E-mail for Students

After registering you will receive a LUCA e-mail address ( You can access your e-mail the day after registering. Make sure to check your inbox regularly as official information is communicated through this address.

The easiest way to read your e-mail is through our webmail (  (LUCA works closely with KU Leuven for IT facilities. This is why you will see the KU Leuven logo at the top of your new mailbox).

If you also wish to install the new apps on your computer, tablet or smartphone : 

Step 1 - install office (including Outlook & Onedrive) on your device (or use another mailapp)

Step 2 - Configure your mail app. Attention ! When the configuration asks for an email address, use otherwise you will still use the old environment ! This is not an email address but a way of logging in.  

Windows :  OutlookMail en Kalender of IMAP
MacOS : OutlookMail en Agenda of IMAP
iPhone/iPad : Outlook voor iOS/iPad of Mail en agenda voor ios
Android : Outlook voor Androidingebouwde android apps

It is not possible to set up a forward from the mailbox to other mailboxes. However, you can configure your mailbox in a mail program of your choice & then set a rule to forward the mail to another mail address.

A mail migration to the M365 environment was scheduled for November 21, 2022. More info about the migration can be found here : Migration mail environment students

Should you encounter any problems, you can contact the ICT helpdesk at


You have access to wireless internet (Campusroam and Eduroam) on all LUCA campuses and many other places in Belgium.

Campusroam is accessible for students, staff, and visitors. If possible, try to connect with Campusroam instead of Eduroam. Visitors can also access Campsuroam by requesting an account through or +32 (0) 2 250 11 11.

Eduroam stands for Educational Roaming and is accessible for students and staff members.

How can you connect to the network?

Automatic configuration via the CAT-Tool

Download the tool through or scan the QR coder below.

Toledo and KU Loket


Teachers might direct you to their courses on Toledo during class. On Toledo you can find slides, extra information, links, discussions, etc. ; it's a supplement to your classes.  Enrolment for Toledo courses happens automatically via KU Loket (ISP), or in some cases also via the Toledo enrolment module. The education administration will use Toledo to communicate with you.

Go to Toledo.

KU Loket

  • Consult and modify certain administrative matters
  • Consult your student file and student progress file (=results)
  • Consult your timetables (you can also sync your schedule with your calendar, Timetable sync students )
  • Access your individual study programme (ISP)

Go to KU Loket.

Academic Software

You can download Adobe, Office 365, antivirus software and extra educational software. Depending on your course, it is included in your extra study costs.


LUCA offers it's staff & students a free Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise license. 

Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise is a part of Microsoft 365 & contains the suite of Office applications, which can be used locally on deskstops / laptops, mobile devices & online.

OneDrive for Business is also a part of this license. OneDrive is an online cloud storage space where you can save your data / files. This data is accesible via different devices, for example: PC, tablet, smartphone. If you have connection to the internet, you can access this data. The data can be synchronised with a local map. There is also the possibility to share the data with other staff members, students or external members so you can work as a group in the same files. Each staff member & student of LUCA has their own OneDrive folder of 2 TB (2000 GB) of storage space. 

Do you wish to install the Microsoft Office 365-apps on your PC? You can do this via

You can find a manual here :

Computer Rooms

The PC-rooms are a good place to work if you have no computer or internet in your room. They can be found on multiple campuses. Consult the Education Administration of your campus to inquire after the availability of the PC-room. You can also make photocopies and prints in the printing infrastructure of your campus. Consult the Education Administration of your campus for more information.

Buying a Computer?

You can purchase a new Windows laptop with an educational discount. If you prefer a Mac, you can consult Campusshop or  Apple Shop for a discount.

Viruses and Spyware

A virus scanner is a must if you access the internet on your computer. LUCA offers McAfee Total Virus Defense. Students and teachers can download this program free of charge (login with your r-number). Be careful when opening emails and attachments. Make sure to back up your data regularly!

Contact LUCA Helpdesk

  • Send an e-mail to 
  • For urgent problems, call +32 (0) 2 250 11 11. 
  • Openings hours: workdays 9 am - 4 pm.