Graduation Show Sint-Lukas Brussels

Graduation Show Sint-Lukas Brussels
What should the campus of an art school look like? How can art be allowed to flower, to flow, across it? This simple question seems the most difficult to answer at a time when much energy is invested in other directions: from management to administration and then, eventually, to education. Yet there could be no better time to pose it.

One of the key words of the French May ’68 movement was “resistance”, a year before a slogan won over the consciousness of many protesters engaged in civil disobedience on academic campuses and in the streets across the US: “flower power”. There is in that legacy a source of energy inspiring the theme of this year’s graduation show on Campus Sint-Lukas Brussels. To flower, to flow, to let an irresistible form of life and of beauty take over everything. To let our conflicts, complaints, constraints be overpowered by the germinating force of young artists, creative minds, filmmakers, designers and graphic storytellers engaging in and with the world.

The graduation show will feature works by all the master students of Visual Arts and of Audiovisual arts (Film alumni of last previous academic year) and a selection of third year bachelor students.


6pm: Opening speeches by Els Opsomer & Nicola Setari
7pm: Performance Jacopo Pagin & Raskol’nikov ‘The World Ended a Long Time Ago’
8pm-1am: DJ-set ‘the mar-a-lago sinkholes’

2pm: Guided tour ‘Revisiting Heritage: Notes from Brussels’
3pm: Announcement of MAD Lookbook Prize for Graphic Design 2018
4-6pm: Lecture Pierre Bismuth 'Coming Soon' & Talk Dirk Snauwaert 'Report on Jef Geys' Quadra Medicinale for the Belgian Pavilion, Venice Biennale 2009' + Live drawing by Wide Vercnocke
6.30pm: Performance Anna Van Hecke & Siebe Chau (Lemmens) 'Ontslaap' (7'44")

FRIDAY 29.06
4pm: 'Alumni Bouquet’ with Mierien Coppens, Garry Farrelly, Gaia Kaboukos & Iwona Pom:
An open dialogue with alumni about the subject of resistance in their artistic practice, interspersed by a programme of 16mm short films
Voliers et Coquelicots, Rose Lowder 2001 / 16mm / 2' 00
Glimpse of the Garden, Marie Menken 1957 / 16mm / 4' 00
Mothlight, Stan Brakhage 1963 / 16mm / 4' 00

3pm: proclamation (auditoria C-3), followed by a festive reception

Cafeteria: PARLOR, installation by Ekaterina Kaplunova & Richard Venlet 2018



Wed. 27.06: 6-8 pm
Thu. 28.06 – Fri. 29.06: 2-8pm
Sat. 30.06 – Sun. 01.07: 2-6pm
Campus Sint-Lukas Brussel
Paleizenstraat 70
1030 Schaarbeek (Brussel)
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