Ana Velinovska: Extended Piano Techniques of the 21st Century: A Manual

Doctoral Project

Ana Velinovska, PhD in the Arts

This project investigates extended techniques (ETs) in works for piano, composed in the twenty-first century. Taking into consideration that the number of ETs in the piano literature far exceeds the amount of supportive pedagogical material for extended piano techniques, pianists still need to discover many things by themselves, often by trial and error. In this project, a representative sample of piano works will be analyzed, which will be formed in order to identify and separate piano works with ETs from the recent repertoire, explore performance challenges and provide examples of the notational symbols composers have developed. It is important to note that through collaboration with several composers, new works will be written specifically in the context of this PhD. From the offered examples, this PhD will produce as a creation a manual in its framework, which could help pianists to prepare for most eventualities in performances involving ETs. The digital version of the manual will also include video and audio works as well as excerpts of performances as a material to provide detailed information and instructions on how to implement the ETs.

  • Supervisor: dr. Jeroen D'hoe (LUCA / KU Leuven)
  • Co-supervisor: dr. Kurt Bertels (LUCA / KU Leuven)

Duration: 2022 - 2026
Research unit: Music & Drama