Integrating the Body & Performativity spearhead into education and research at LUCA School of Arts, Lemmens Campus, has so far proved a real challenge. The quasi-absence of researchers and teaching staff who specifically focus on this is partly to blame. This impulse project is intended to take important steps in this direction over the next eighteen months, by means of a literature study and qualitative research. In the first instance from LUCA Drama, but also from LUCA Music in a subsequent phase. A process of awareness that has taken place in recent years in the performing arts and in society compels us to do this. It is no coincidence that the mission statement of LUCA School of Arts reads as follows: "Respect for authenticity, diversity and integrity are the basic principles by which the School of Arts is inspired in its view of man and society."
In the performing arts in Flanders and the Netherlands, "performativity" is usually linked to performance-like expressions. How should LUCA Drama relate to this, a course characterised by "language and text as the cornerstone and the transfer of meaning as the guiding principle"? From this dialogue between "language and text" on the one hand and "body & performativity" on the other, an educational profile could emerge that would be a special and necessary symbiosis.

Research Unit: Music & Drama

Duration: 2020 - 2022


Peter Anthonissen

Carl von Winckelmann