LUCA School of Arts is a multidisciplinary educational and research environment where creative talent can develop and develop artistically, technically and in its execution. In four cities (Brussels, Genk, Ghent and Leuven), LUCA bundles the educational expertise of five renowned institutes (Sint-Lukas, Narafi, C-mine, Sint-Lucas and Lemmens).

LUCA offers more than fifty specializations in Audiovisual Arts and Techniques, Visual Arts and Design, Interior & Product Design, ArchitectureConstruction Technology, Music and Drama. With this wide range of professional and academic courses, it is a reference in higher art education.

LUCA's artistic research is embedded in the associated Faculty of Arts at KU Leuven. With more than 700 staff members and 3,800 students, LUCA is a creative hub for more than 4,500 artists, theatre and film-makers, designers, musicians, photographers, teachers, researchers…

Organization structure

Governing bodies and participation structure
LUCA School of Arts has the legal form of a non-profit organization. The legal ground rules of the non-profit organization LUCA School of Arts (LUCA) are contained in the coordinated statutes. The internal regulations describe the organization, management and operation of the university college.

Mission statement

LUCA School of Arts (LUCA) is a multidisciplinary educational and research environment in which creative talent can develop and develop artistically and technically.

Facts & figures

LUCA bundles the strength and expertise of five renowned institutions in four cities, but as a community, we are so much more than the sum of our campuses.

Interregional university college in art & design

International network

Network & partnerships

  • Associatie KU Leuven
  • ELIA - European League of Institutes of the Arts 
  • CUMULUS - The International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media)
  • CILECT - Centre International de Liaison des Ecoles de Cinéma et de Télévision) 
  • GEECT - Europese Cilect
  • AED - Association Européen des Conservatoires 
  • EPARM - European Platform of Artistic Research in Music 
  • EAS - European Association for Music in Schools
  • EARN - European Artistic Research Network 
  • Docartes
  • CA2RE

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