CUSTOM TERRITORY (CT) is a collective of shoe makers, designers and wearers that aims to decentralise the global shoe industry into local territories, where boundaries between designing, making and wearing can blur. In collaboration with local actors Custom Territory transforms locally available resources into custom-made products that express a contextual design language. Our goal is to develop a network of territories where each territory generates its own custom creations.

CUSTOM TERRITORY ANTWERP (CTA) is our first case study that applies participatory and circular design methods to shoes in the city of Antwerp. Through this local focus Custom Territory researches the potential of an inclusive fashion system that minimizes its ecological footprint.

Participatory design
The global scale of the fashion industry literally puts a lot distance between fashion design, production and consumption. By focussing on a local scale it is possible to break the boundaries between designing, making and wearing, creating new opportunities for collaboration. In our CTA case study we invited three local ambassadors: Joffrey Anane, Liezl Vervloet and Frederik Lizen to participate in our design process. This resulted  in three unique product stories with a personal aesthetic that represent the city of Antwerp in their own way.

Research Unit: Inter-Actions

Duration: 2020


Ben Hagenaars

Ronald Clays

Publications and realisations