David Huycke, PhD in the Arts

Granulation is a decorative technique in goldsmith’s art in which tiny metal spheres, also called granules, are heat-fused to a metal surface without the use of solder, generally in an ornamental or figural arrangement. From the moment of its conception in the 3th millennium B.C. until the present day, granulation was almost entirely used for decorative purposes.

This project, where the technique of granulation is rather the point of departure and source of inspiration than the object of research itself, questions this ornamental statute and will concentrate mainly on granulation without a surface.

The granule loses its primary, decorative function and changes into the object or the building material of the object; ornament becomes structure as well as the independent base of the work. Through this method granulation evolves into concept and subject matter which reaches beyond the technical aspects towards a poetic dimension.


  • Prof. dr. Leo De Ren (supervisor, KU Leuven)

Research Unit: Inter-Actions

Duration: completed 2010