Design education is in flux. From the influence of AI to the post-pandemic future which has seen entire curricula move from physical lecturs to a form of blended learning, studies looking at the future needs of designers and artists call for a different type of art and design pedagogy; a new design school. 
But how does a higher education institution go about diversifying a practice rooted in tradition and burdened by the expectations of accreditation in a landscape that is rapidly evolving? What if the school was not limited to a course module or room, but instead became a way of thinking? What if this way of thinking had at its heart inclusion, and sought to continually adapt and change to the needs of not only its community, but its student population? Div.des.ed will explore these themes together with members of the FAST45 Erasmus+ consortium and experts in areas such as student motivation, industry alignment, inclusion, service education and alternative forms of education. The results will be thematically organised audio fragments, edited together into a podcast that can be easily disseminated to a wider audience of educators, administrators and students along with a companion reader. Next to this, this initial research will form the foundation for deeper research through an OOF.

Research unit: Inter-Actions

Duration: 2020 - 2021


  • Dr. Andrea Wilkinson
  • Dr. Steven Lenaers