Contemporary diversity in society offers many organizations in social and cultural sectors both a challenge and an opportunity. The DiCE project is a research project into the presence of and dealing with diversity and inclusion of 170 professional organizations in the broad arts field. The aim of the study is to look for good practices, but also to address questions and problems related to diversity. At the end of the project, inspiring cases are shared with the participating and other organizations through posters, workshops and lectures. 
The DiCE project is a research project within the Educational Master of Arts at LUCA School of Arts, Campus C-mine. It focuses on a future where designers and artists use their skills within cultural institutions to inform, engage and teach diverse audiences. From local libraries and museums to cities and schools and their growing need to engage and respond to diverse audiences; what is the role of the designer and artist and how can their education inform this future role in society? 

Research Unit: Inter-Actions

Duration: 2019 - 2022


Steven Lenaers is a sociologist with a focus on gender, diversity and equal opportunities in economics, media, arts and design and is a Professor at the LUCA School of Arts, Campus C-Mine. His research currently looks at defining the role of diversity within an art and design school and the role of cultural diversity in art education.

Andrea Wilkinson is a designer with a focus on interaction design, communication and service design and is a post-doc in the Inter-Actions Research Group at the LUCA School of Ats, Campus C-Mine. Her doctoral work looked at the diversification of student experience within design education and the relationship between experience and learning.