Doctoral programme

LUCA – Faculty of the Arts regularly organises seminars for PhD-candidates in the arts. The programme focuses on topics and methods specific to research in the arts. Each research unit of LUCA – Faculty of the Arts is responsible for the organization of one seminar, workshop or summer school. In addition, two seminars are organized in cooperation with the Faculty of Architecture.

Programme 2018-2019:

  • Seminar "Participation / Photography / The North" - Jeroen Toirkens and Cunera Buijs 27 November from 11-13, Universiteit Hasselt – Oude Gevangenis, Martelarenlaan 42, Hasselt.

  • Show Research "The Shape of Time" - Klaas Verpoest, 28-30 November, Opening Wednesday 28 November at 18:00 and seminar for researchers 30 November from 10-13, Terrarium -Campus Sint-Lukas Brussel.

  • Show Research "Sortie d'école" - Herman Asselberghs, 12-14 December, Opening Wednesday 12 at 18:00 and seminar for researchers 14 December from 10-13 (including screening of For Now by Herman Asselberghs), Terrarium - Campus Sint-Lukas Brussel.

  • Lunchtalks Digesting Research "Doctoral research in process: How can a lyric poem be expressed in film" - Marina Kazakova. February 28 from 13-14, Campus Sint-Lucas Ghent

Doctoral students can also partake in the seminars and lectures offered by the Doctoral School for the Humanities & Social Sciences:

Following the course component ‘Scientific Integrity for starting PhD’ is mandatory for PhD researchers whose doctoral period started during or after the 2014-2015 academic year. You can subscribe here:


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