Andreas Nollet: Musical parameters in the music therapeutic process of adult women with high functioning autism

Birgit Sebreghts: Developing creative capacity in adults with ASS and musical improvisation

Bo Van der Werf: ‘ Methods for using the languages of Messiaen in (jazz) improvisation ‘

Carl von Winckelmann: 'Mise en relation'

Ellen Nimeroski: François Xavier Tourte’s modern violin bow

Filipa Botelho: Acoustic Feedback and Corporeality: Designing New Modes of Performance

Francesca Ajossa: The Ear as an Eye

Goran Krivokapić: Uncompromising Bach – a practice-based research on how to transcribe and interpret works by J. S. Bach for guitar

Hella Van der Jeught: Creative resilience in young people in the semi-clinical pediatric context

Ivana Jelaca: Performing in the 21st Century Salon: Tradition and Innovation

Jan Lust: Bach+

Jasmijn Lootens: The Hybrid Cellist - An Electro Acoustic Journey

Jelle De Grauwe: A grammar of the school drama

Johann Vacher: Amplified piano / amplified pianist

Johanna Zwoferink: The performance practice of the organ works of Johann Sebastian Bach

Lieven Van Ael: The Practice of Change. Reconstruction and Realization of Educational Innovation in Music Schools in Flanders

Leen Adam: Music and mourning in youth with intellectual disabilities

Luc Ponet: "In organis et in discantu". Organ Interpretation and Organists’ Practice in the Principality of Liège (B) in the First Half of the 17th Century

Luca Montebugnoli: Rewriting for the salon

Magno Caliman: Music Technology

Mariske Broeckmeyer: unVOICING Migraine - A Study of the Failing Voice

Mavroudes Troullos: Coloring the Notes: Informed performance and extended techniques for contemporary European music for Bassoon, written from the 1950s until today

Nico Boon: The well-made play: written all over again?

Philippe Verneert: Throw them in the deep end.

Prach Boondiskulchok: Composing for the Fortepiano: Idiosyncrasy and Historicity

Rik Cornelissen: Implementation of the free-bass system on accordeon within jazz-related improvised music

Sanae Zanane: Time management in Beethoven's Piano Sonatas

Tine Castelein: Constructive Frictions

Tiziano Manca: Writing the Flow: Time, Rhythm, and Western Music Notation

Thomas Geudens: The Young Person's Guide to Orchestration

Tom Goossens: Singing while speaking and speaking while singing in contemporary opera performance

Vicente Parrilla: On the Art of Counterpoint

Victor Somma: The composer as a co-creator of bridges between society and contemporary music: a matter of dialogue?

Vincent Caers: Living Scores Live - towards an extended and interdisciplinary contemporary percussion performance