Dr. Anja Veirman

Research unit: Image and Intermedia

Research topics:

  • textile as mediator and (textile) processes of making
  • embodied knowledge and bio-centric knowledge systems
  • pluriform ontological/epistemological perspectives beyond binary, anthropocentric and hierarchical frameworks
  • co-creation as dialogical ethnography and maker practice
  • non-linear time perspectives and transhistorical narratives/design/creation

Anja Veirman (°1968) is an art historian/anthropologist who is active in the shared fields of textile studies, global art history and audio-visual ethnography. She worked with ethnographic and contemporary collections and archives in a variety of cultural heritage institutions and museums and lectured in several art and design schools. Exploring divers collaborative formats she co-created expositions, publications, audio-visual installations, multi-media projects, exchange programs and events.

Since 30 years she engages in long-term fieldwork with the Senufo-communities in Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Mali. In her PhD she studied the relation between knowledge systems (divination), performative actions and textile practices, focusing on Senufo mudcloth. Following her interest in knowledge sharing she is currently working on ‘Textile Dialogues’, a video co-creation project about the entanglement of ritual-social-artistic interactions in textile practices and making processes in the Senufo context of Burkina Faso.

Anja Veirman teaches Anthropology of Arts and Textile Studies at LUCA School of Arts, where she initiated a seminar on decolonisation and/in the arts. Her research project ‘Fluid Futures’ - starting up in 2022 - is an interdisciplinary platform for PhD-researchers in the arts and diverse makers, artist and researchers. The artistic research situates makership and materials in the global context of multiple histories and identities, and is oriented to a fluid perspective (of the future) beyond binary, oppositional and anthropocentric paradigms.


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