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Dr. Annelies Monseré

Annelies Monseré studied Painting, Cultural Studies and History, and obtained her doctorate within the field of Philosophy. She is also a composer/musician. She currently teaches Art History, Art and Culture, Music, Media-Ethics and Contemporary Art, Culture & Design at various programs within LUCA. In her research she focuses on cultural, socio-economic, gender-related and racialized exclusion within the domain of the arts. Through research into philosophical and art-historical methodologies and concepts, she tries to uncover the mechanisms underlying these exclusions. Her artistic musical practice also shows an interest in different forms of cultural exclusion and methodologies. In her music, she experiments with different artistic methodologies (both in individual and participatory contexts with her bands Luster, Distels en Hydromedusae) and reflects on the implications of these methods. In addition, she also focuses on interpretations of so-called traditionals, the social implications of the appropriation of songs by underprivileged groups and the original meaning of this music.

She publishes her research in academic journals such as Estetika and Acta Analytica, and her music has been published by various record companies, including Stroom and BlueSanct. She performs on national and international stages and festivals, for both experimental and folk music.

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Research topics:

  • Definitions of Art

  • Cultural exclusion

  • Experimental music

  • Metaphilosophy

  • Canonization in Art History

  • Philosophical and Artistic Methodologies