Nancy Vansieleghem is lecturer in the educational masters in arts at LUCA School of arts (Belgium). She teaches and does research in areas of philosophy of education, aesthetic education and radical pedagogy. She is interested in the role of the art-school in a mutated landscape (due to digitalization, migration, climate change, …), the educational significance of the camera as tool that turns text into wandering lines, new forms of mapping and inhabiting our present condition and the child as dissonance voice. She coordinates the research cluster Art, Pedagogy and Society that operates as a collective of individual PhD researchers and artistic projects. She supervises PhD research that deals with the topics emancipation, (in)equality, dwelling and fiction in relation to art education and society. Currently she is working with Volkmar Muhleis on the bookproject ‘Artuarium, A grammar for the art school’.   

PhD Projects

Jelle De Grauwe: A grammar of school drama

Ciel Grommen: The art of dwelling | LUCA (


Fiona Hallinan: Ultimology, or the study of endings, as a point of entry for imaginative discourse

Mattijs Driesen: Possibilities of Mutation: Filmmaking as pedagogy in the Weird.

Stijn Van Dorpe: Dissensus and Connection as Artistic Tactics

Roel Kerkhofs: A fight against Loneliness | LUCA (

Research projects

Enhancing the transdisciplinary capacity for situated creative practices. Pablo Calderon (researcher)– Nancy Vansieleghem, Veerle Van Der Sluys and Burak Pak (supervisors) – okt 2021- dec 2022

De werkplaats School - Roel Kerkhofs and Nancy Vansieleghem – mei 2021 – dec 2022

Para-instituut voor Kunst en precariteit –Stijn Van Dorpe – mei 2021 -

This is art-education – Nancy Vansieleghem and Volkmar Muhleis – mei 2019 – feb 2022

Docufilm Breedhoek: voer het inclusiedebat op school ( – Nancy Vansieleghem and Maïté Baillieul - juni 2018 – dec 2018 -

Making school in the age of the screen. PESGB – sept 2016- juni 2017 – Joris Vlieghe and Nancy Vansieleghem

Bmooc, de beeldende zijde van schermleren  | LUCA ( 2014-2016 -  Nancy Vansieleghem, Jan Masschelein and Kris Cardinaels - 2016 –


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