Dr. Volkmar Mühleis

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  • Research topics:
    Regenerative Aesthetics
    Haptic Aesthetics
    Reverse Perspective
    Responsive and Transformative Phenomenology
    Phenomenology of Pop Culture

"Dr. Volkmar Mühleis (*1972) is teaching philosophy and aesthetics at LUCA School of Arts in Brussels and Ghent. As researcher he is part of the research unit Image of LUCA, campus Ghent, and associated with KU Leuven. In 2018 he published the study 'Girl with Dead Bird - Intercultural Observations' by Leuven and Cornell University Press and he contributed to the 'Routledge Companion of Performance Philosophy' in 2020. He is member of the German Society for Aesthetics, the Society for Intercultural Philosophy and the German Society for Phenomenological Research."