Thu 09.09.2021, 10h - Thu 23.09.2021, 21h

Finissage 23/09 -17u

Terrarium, Sint-Lukas Brussel



Mass production and mass consumption are rapidly turning precious raw materials into waste. The limits of this linear system have clearly been exceeded. The need for a system in which resources can circulate is increasing.

Recycling seems to be the dominant strategy to transform waste into new materials and products. However, a lot of quality and energy is lost in that process.

At the same time, new initiatives are emerging that transform industrial waste streams into new products. These Post-Industrial Crafts favour reuse, repair and customization over recycling. Taking industrial offcuts and post-consumer products as a starting point often results in a unique and rough aesthetic that references the previous life of the materials and products.

The exhibition provides an overview of experiments, products and projects that are the result of Post-Industrial Crafts. These initiatives are small-scale but illustrate a more sustainable relationship with the products we use.

All works were created by students, teachers, alumni and researchers associated with the Product Design program of the Luca School Of Arts in Genk. The concept of Post-Industrial Crafts will be further researched and developed in this context.

Curated by:

  • Han Decorte
  • Ben Hagenaars

Scenografie door / Scenography by: Han Decorte

Grafisch ontwerp / Graphic design: Ibert Pauwels

Participating designers:


Campus Sint-Lukas Brussel
Paleizenstraat 70, 1030 Brussel

Route description

Dit project werd gesteund met LUCA.breakoutmiddelen

Dit project werd gerealiseerd met breakout.steun van LUCA School of Arts. LUCA steunt studenten, onderzoekers, docenten en medewerkers die LUCA School of Arts via allerlei initiatieven zichtbaar willen maken in de buitenwereld en bundelt daarvoor middelen. Een centraal budget verleent op laagdrempelige wijze ondersteuning aan welomschreven initiatieven.

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