Art School Futures Labs 2045

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This project aims to imagine a futures perspective in which the participation, research, and education in the arts is playing a more important and integrated role. FAST45 will develop:

  • Art School Futures Learning Platform: an online knowledge platform that fosters the process of futures thinking in IHAE.
  • Art School Futures Thinking Guidelines: a work template and strategy framework to enhance futures thinking in IHAE.
  • Art School Futures Lab: a set of high-level workshops, presentations and facilitated discussions in which stakeholders of IHAE co-create ideas and visions for futures images and scenarios for the education and employment of artists.
  • Four Art School Futures Scenarios: a set of possible, probable, or preferable futures for the employment of artists and the role of IHAE in society.
  • Art School Futures Discussion Document / Agenda: a discussion text with an agenda that fosters the debate on long-term policy and transformative leadership in IHAE.

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[A]ll teachers know by experience that … creativity is a myth. The myth is generous … [a]nd as long as the myth functions, why denounce it? The problem is that it doesn’t function anymore. – Thierry de Duve, 1994


Footnotes is a Summer School for academics, professionals, students and curious people organised by School of Commons. It will take place from 29 August to 1 September 2022, on the campus of the Zurich University of the Arts.


Together with a panel of arts professionals and creative thinkers, we explore what a desirable future could look like for artists. We imagine the artist’s involvement in our society in the year 2045.


LUCA wins grant to spearhead project about future of Art education

LUCA School of Arts has been awarded an Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance Grant. The goal is to no longer undergo future evolutions but to take charge of it and to imagine a desirable future in which the…

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