Art School Futures Labs 2045

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This project aims to imagine a futures perspective in which the participation, research, and education in the arts is playing a more important and integrated role. FAST45 will develop:

  • Art School Futures Learning Platform: an online knowledge platform that fosters the process of futures thinking in IHAE.
  • Art School Futures Thinking Guidelines: a work template and strategy framework to enhance futures thinking in IHAE.
  • Art School Futures Lab: a set of high-level workshops, presentations and facilitated discussions in which stakeholders of IHAE co-create ideas and visions for futures images and scenarios for the education and employment of artists.
  • Four Art School Futures Scenarios: a set of possible, probable, or preferable futures for the employment of artists and the role of IHAE in society.
  • Art School Futures Discussion Document / Agenda: a discussion text with an agenda that fosters the debate on long-term policy and transformative leadership in IHAE.

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