Filip Verneert: Throw them in the deep end.

Doctoral Project

Filip Verneert, PhD in the Arts

Research shows that the most valued elements of an expert (jazz) improvisation, like ,’proper voice’; ‘self-regulation’, ‘spontaneity’ and ‘creative freedom’ are barely explicitly covered in present day jazz pedagogy.

In this project we firstly research to what extent this demand is real and present, and how these aspects could be more explicitly dealt with in the artistic and educational practice.

In a second phase, we will develop a Balance Model for non-idiomatic improvisation, in which the acquiring of basic skills goes hand in hand with the acquiring of creative freedom and intuition. Research will be performed on the basis of an expert study of jazz musicians and gatekeepers, and a design research study, where innovative interventions will be implemented in various practical settings (DKO, non-formal learning environments).

In a third phase, an improvisation toolkit will be developed (ITK), containing practical handles that facilitate the acquiring of non-idiomatic aspects of (jazz) improvisation.

The results will be presented in a dissertation containing a full description of the artistic, educational and research process, a dvd-recording and a lecture performance resulting from the educational and artistic process involving an Open Brassband Project and the Ostend Street Orchestra.


  • Dr. Thomas De Baets (supervisor, KU Leuven/LUCA)
  • Dr. Luc Nijs (co-supervisor, UGent)
  • Mr. Bart Maris (co-supervisor, musician)

Reserach Unit: Music & Drama

Duration: 2018 - 2022