Film EU will start a MA of FILMemory

#FilmEU just announced that the EMDM proposal for Film Cultures and Heritage AKA FILMemory was approved by the European Commission. It got an evaluation result of a staggering 91/100. 

Departing from film as a key art form of the 20th century, the future MA FILMemory will explore today's digital media culture and the build-up of a collective cultural memory. It will offer a profound investigation into the diverse European film cultures and the social dimensions they entail. A second strand will explore the ways in which films and documents about film cultures are preserved; restored; archived; re-circulated; re-used and; re-constructed. 

All FILMemory participants are convening 3-4 December in LUCA School of Arts, Brussels, first to celebrate, and then to get to work on the further curriculum design and implementation.