A FilmEU ambassador is a student from LUCA who is part of the international AV team of FilmEU. This AV team consists of students from all partner institutions. A FilmEU ambassador is active on a national and international level and is expected to collaborate with fellow students and partner institutions in general. As an ambassador, you will be part of FilmEU related events like Cineclubs, FilmEU Talks, Summit, conferences, etc. througout the academic year.

What’s the role of a FilmEU ambassador? 

Together with your fellow ambassadors, you’ll be the Belgian component of the audio-visual student team within FilmEU. Besides the Belgian component, there is also a Portuguese, an Irish and an Estonian component. Together, you are FilmEU’s audio-visual student team. You’ll be coached by FilmEU - LUCA colleagues. 

Many FilmEu related events take place during the academic year for which we need help. Events like our Cineclub (screening of films with public), the FilmEU Talks (talk shows), conferences, this years Challenge on sustainability and so on. A detailed schedule is being made as we speak and will be presented at the start of the year. The ambassadors will be responsible for the capture of those events, for the creation of social media content and to be the student face of FilmEU (representation events). 

You will work closely together with the other students from Portugal, Ireland and Estonia and the FilmEU – LUCA team. You’ll be working with Microsoft Teams and will be actively involved in FilmEU’s representation. 

Competences – Personas 

We are looking for multiple students, with their own competences and interests. We designed 5 personas  as a guide: 

  1. Audio-visual all-rounder: camera, sound, light, you know it all. You have significant experience and are able to work autonomously. You’re also willing to explain others with lesser experience than you how everything works. 

  2. Social Media Expert: social media has no secrets for you and you will use the right tone of voice when communicating as FilmEU. You’ll make content for FilmEU’s Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIN, twitter and Youtube. You’ll provide content and captions in English. 

  3. Animation maestro: you have animation experience and you are able to make unattractive presentations and video’s, attractive by using your skills. 

  4. Editing Magician: you have experience and know how (and love) to edit efficiently. You’ll be working on interviews, recaps, talks, ... 

  5. Spokesperson / producer: you are a enthusiastic individual with the skills to  inspire and guide a team. Together with the LUCA – FilmEU team, you’ll tackle the projects on an equal basis.  

Because all FilmEU communication is in English, we are looking for students with proficiency in English. 

Do you want to become one of our ambassadors? Keep an eye on this page!


Our current FilmEU Ambassador team at LUCA:

  • Tamara Abdul Khalek: Animation maestro
    • 3BA student Animation Film, Sint-Lukas Brussels
  • Sanae Khamlichi: Audio-visual All-rounder
    • MA student Film, Sint-Lukas Brussels
  • Bo De Langhe: Producer
    • 2BA student Film, Sint-Lukas Brussels