At Paleizenstraat 70 you can enjoy a hot meal, sandwiches, fruit or soup. Every Tuesday we deliver free fruit for all our students! 

At Campus Narafi you can order sandwiches for lunch. Enjoy your lunch at our cozy student lounge. 

Each campus (now Alexianenplein 1 and Hoogstraat 51) has his own cafeteria where you can buy sandwiches, soups and pastries at good prices. Smoothies, wraps, salads and organic soft drinks complete our assortment. Every week there is fresh fruit. 

Do you prefer a hot meal? Discover the social restaurant Parnassus (Oude Houtlei 22). This former Franciscan church is transformed into a beautiful modern restaurant near the school and offers diverse and affordable meals.

At campus Lemmens you can buy sandwiches and soup in the cafeteria. As a student of Lemmens you can also visit the Alma - restaurants of KU Leuven.

At campus C-mine you can buy sandwiches, soup, fruit and pasteries in the cafeteria. The cafeteria is open from 09:30 am till 1:30 pm. Enjoy the student prices with your student card!

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