Positive learning experiences through free musical improvisation (Larsson & Georgii-Hemming, 2018; Hickey, 2009) are important in general music education. Starting from the experience of students with free improvisation, we want to inspire teachers to use improvisation.
A 'collective free improvisation' lesson is implemented in 10 classes ( 2nd grade) using collective free improvisation, for students with little or no musical expertise. These lessons are based on the expertise of Jan Verbeeck and findings from the ongoing doctoral research of Filip Verneert.
The students' experience is measured using the Dutch version of the Short Flow Scale 2 (FSS 2). This scale reflects the (individual) degree of sense of control, emotional experience and concentration. In addition, a group discussion will assess the importance of interaction and cooperation of the students, through a semi-structured interview.
The results of this impulse project will lead to a publication that will be distributed to teachers in general music education and provide them an incentive to work with collective free improvisation in the classroom.

Research Unit: Music & Drama

Duration: 2020 - 2022


Filip Verneert

Jan Verbeeck