Saint Luke has been a very important figure for artists and painters throughout history. Does my generation still have a similar artistic patron saint, or are we so divided that every artist has its own guardian angel? I would like to use the concept of a patron saint to investigate my own relation s hip with the history of painting and the world today. I want to discuss these topics with other millennials who paint and ask them about their patron saints, their symbols and traditions. What could a modern patron saint of painting consist of? Which images and symbols are universally relevant in these individual times? Or maybe a universal ‘image’ does not exist, and may have never existed? Could modern masters and patron saints still be a guide for young and upcoming artists? How do contemporaries and art critics think about these questions, and can I, as a painter, formulate a painterly answer?


  • Bert Huyghe (LUCA)

Research unit: Image

Duration: 2020 - 2022