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International students can apply for a specific programme, the enrollment itself however, can only be done after formal approval which follows an assessment of suitability and capability to join the programme one applied for. Also, one cannot register for a different master programme than one initially applied for. An assessment will be conducted by an academic committee of the master discipline concerned, who will also check the credential and academic values of the application (step 1) and an artistic portfolio, including intake interview (step 2).

Applicants who pass the credential and academic check (step 1) are then invited for the intake and portfolio interviews of call 1 (scheduled in general in the course of the May or June months - see campus specific dates for the artistic aptitude test) or of call 2 (scheduled in general by the end of August or in September).

The assessment will determine whether one possesses the required basic (artistic) competencies for the master’s course. There is no direct admission to our master's degree programmes without portfolio review.

Depending on the results of this assessment, the academic committee may require one to complete a preparatory programme first, the content and size of which will depend on the degree of affinity with the content and characteristics of the course of the attained bachelor course and the bachelor course in the chosen specialization. If the commission re-orientates an applicant to the bachelor’s programme or preparatory programme after step 1 (check) or step 2 (intake interview), please note that sitting and passing a more elaborate and intensive artistic aptitude test is a formal entry requirement for all bachelor programmes in Music, Fine Arts, Performing Arts and Audiovisual Arts.

Application deadlines - the credential and academic check (step 1)

  • Non-EEA-students, especially those who are not holding a valid residence permit for Belgium/Schengen countries: March 1 2020
  • Non-EEA-students with or without a valid residence permit for Belgium/Schengen countries and EEA-students: March 1 2020 or May 15 2020 
  • EEA-students, Belgian students with international diplomas, students with a diploma from the French Community and only non-EEA-students with a valid residence permit for Belgium/Schengen countries: March 1 2020 or May 15 2020 or September 1 2020

Masterassessment deadlines - the intake and portfolio interviews (step 2)

  • 15 May 2020 - interview on 20 May 2020
  • 26 June 2020 - interview on 2 July 2020
  • 1 September 2020 - interview on 7 september 2020

Results of the assessment

Definitive admission statements will be communicated in writing after the assessment interviews. 

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