This PWO study focuses on the increased need for soft skills in creative education and design practice. It will result in a soft skills enhancing toolset that the young creative professional can use in a co-creative design process. With Merging Minds we want to prepare the creative professional for the future by focusing on 21st century skills such as collaboration and communication. We will work as design researchers ourselves by building a prototype to be tested and refined iteratively. The first version of the toolset will be tested in the Merging Minds DesignLab 2020. This is a five-day multidisciplinary design sprint where students of design, art, architecture & technology (from LUCA, Odisee and KULeuven) design and prototype a light installation for Light Festival 2021 (Ghent). The tools will be refined and re-tested in some design sprints at some creative agencies and educational institutions and in the Merging Minds DesignLab 2021.


  • Fabienne Beernaert (project leader, LUCA)
  • Githa Kockaerts (LUCA)
  • Matthijs De Block (LUCA)

Research unit: LABO Pro

Duration: 2019 - 2021