The artistic, interdisciplinary, collective research project "Musee Museum" presents multiple issues concerning the accessibility of art, tested with the museum experience of a publication and a museum experience on a public square. The image of André Malraux making his book "Le Musée Imaginaire", a picture of a closed railway museum and the statement of the Italian Arte Povera artist Alighieri e Boetti give rise to the starting point of the research. The research project aims to explore the possibility of an imaginary museum in a popular neighborhood of Brussels where the houses are included as the archive cellars of the imaginary museum and the residents are approached as the archivists. Love, fascination and curiosity for private exhibited image-collections of the residents of the popular neighbourhood are important in the research. What happens if you take the museum as interpretation, study and collection space into the public area? What happens if you introduce non-professional private image-collections into the discussion of art and image? How do people deal with images? How to deal with the public and sharing space? What can be done with a publication as an architecture for an accessible museum? How can a publication extend the museum experience of the public space, including actions such as inviting, visiting, selecting, exhibiting and discussing? An artistic reinterpretation of the book "Le Musée Imaginaire" by André Malraux is used as the occasion to investigate the specificity of the publication as open space for viewing and interpretation. In addition, the research will also raise questions about image associations, expropriation and appropriation of the image inside a museum function. Within the process of the research, interdisciplinary discussions, a visual research platform, a publication and participatory methodologies will be used. As output we will provide several public presentations, a book launch, a symposium, a workshop week, a model and a scientific publication.


  • Roel Kerkhofs (project leader, LUCA)
  • Eva Moulaert (LUCA)
  • Marie Sledsen (International RG Supersudaca Critical Research in Art, Architecture and Society)
  • Stephane Damsin (International RG Supersudaca Critical Research in Art, Architecture and Society)
  • Laura Herman (LUCA)
  • Luc Emiel Rooman (LUCA)
  • Sarah Késenne (LUCA)

Reserach unit: Image

Duration: 2014 - 2017