Eva Cardon

The Narrative Arts research group focuses on the practices of narrative arts, as well as on the contexts in which those arts are either interacting/functioning or being received. Narrative arts include, but are not limited to film (narrative moving images), comics (picture books, classic comic books, graphic novels, illustrated stories etc.), narrative photography and interactive media (narrative games). As such the Narrative Arts research group covers a broad field of research, formed by arts/media with a narrative dimension.

Stories can be told in various ways, using different types of media. Artists are then constantly making well-thought choices regarding style, perspective, mise-en-scène, sequences, editing, the use of texts or music etc. The stories that result from such processes are interpreted (read) differently by different audiences. Hence, research on narrative arts addresses the ways in which artists construct/present stories and the ways in which those stories are received by audiences (including specific sociological groups or official bodies such as funding organizations, political groups and authorities).

This triggers questions about the relations between "story-telling" and media, the relationships and interactions between time and space, the use but also the abuse (manipulation) of stories, the interactions between stories and the societies they address and/or react against, the cultural determinants in storytelling etc.




  • Eva Cardon
  • Inge Heremans
  • Pascal Lefèvre
  • Patrice Toye
  • Elke Van Damme
  • Dorothée Van Den Berghe
  • Jan Van Dyck
  • Judith Van Istendael
  • Griet Van Reeth
  • Pascal Vandelanoitte
  • Roel Vande Winkel

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