Nico Boon, PhD in the Arts

This PhD will focus on theatre writing. Now that we are at the end of the post-modern era, an era in which no one claimed to believe in Great Stories any more, a number of new trends are emerging. Where the autonomous playwright has been less prominent in recent years, he has recently put himself explicitly back on the map in the Low Countries. There is renewed interest in the laws of drama and what these laws can mean in the current social context.
This PhD intends to pose the following research question: is there a connection between the socially felt desire for new stories and connections and the revived interest in (situational) drama? What can a post-postmodern dramaturgy look like?The ultimate goal is a phased artistic investigation into well-made play, culminating in the creation of a new play, linked to a reflective section in which new tendencies are examined.


  • Dr. Bart Philipsen (supervisor, KU Leuven)
  • Peter Anthonissen (co-supervisor, LUCA)

Research Unit: Music & Drama

Duration: 2020 - 2024