Composition+. Sara Bahha

Composition+. Dialogue and composition-based interplay with internees suffering from long term psychosis.

Sara Bahha

  • Research unit Music & Drama
  • Research group Music Education & Therapy

This explorative study researches the support and facilitation of the connective and reflective music therapeutic processes by using process-based composition strategy as to relieve the isolation of the psychotic internee. Proto-musical themes stemming from improvisation will be purified and processed according to specific compositional and music therapeutic interventions.

This research will make use of a multiple case study design. The therapist/researcher will initiate a musical dialogue with both patient and composer, using musical and music therapeutic skills and parameters. Based on this research, new music therapeutic interventions can be developed that aim to counter the stagnant and solitary character of the patient's creative processes (inherent in long term psychotic problems). Furthermore will the effects of this strategy on reducing dynamic risk factors and quality of life be studied as well.

  • Promotor: prof. dr. Jos De Backer (LUCA)
  • Co-promotor: dr. Katrien Foubert (LUCA)
  • Duration: 2018-2022
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