Coup de grâce, Dorothée van den Berghe en Griet van Reeth

Coup de grâce

  • Project Leader: Dorothée van den Berghe (LUCA Faculty of the Arts, RU Intermedia, RG, Narrative Arts), Griet Van Reeth (LUCA Faculty of the Arts, RU Intermedia, RG Narrative Arts)

What’s the position of the filmmaker in a world where everybody has the means to make a film and distribute it on the internet? How can we trace our own voice in this abundance of digital imagination? We investigate how to bridge the gap between classical narrative filmmaking (script-driven, predetermined workflow) and the more impulsive and improvised way of making films used by a new internet generation, often leading to more cinematographic freedom.

The starting point for our research project is the stage production "Coup Fatal" by Alain Platel and Fabrizio Cassol. "Coup Fatal" brings together baroque music and Congolese music in a scenic concert with twelve Congolese musicians. In this performance the symbiosis is made between baroque music (fixed in a musical score and structure) and Congolese music (an oral musical tradition, often created in the street, in the flow of the moment). The musicians, coming from a young African generation are bridging the distance between Europe and Africa by posting their experiences on the internet.

In order to investigate the different workflows we will use the miscellaneous methods of creating, and translate them in a cinematographic way. This will result in a film that originates from elements that we encounter during the research. “Thinking through Making.” Yet the attempt here is not to create an artificial conflict between the traditional and the contemporary, the local and the global. The film will rather outline the fluidity of different “worlds” and the liminal space between them. How can we as filmmakers function in an intermediate position? How can we capture the invisible space between audio-visual forms? Can we create a new form less ephemeral? And in what way can this process contribute to a reflection on film production and film education in a digital society?

  • Duration: 2015-
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