Development of a Set of Graphic Symbols, Jan Peeters

Development of a Set of Graphic Symbols that expands the Visual Rendition of Soundtracks in Audiovisual Communication

  • Project Leader: Jan Peeters (LUCA Faculty of the Arts, RU Image, RG Art & Argument)
  • Team: Berlaen Frederik (LUCA Faculty of the Arts, RU Image, RG Arts & Argument)

A prototype of a special set of graphic symbols will be developed. This set will consist of small symbols and icons that can be used to visualize the information of the soundtrack in audiovisual communication and of audiovisual works on the screen and on the image itself. The envisioned set of symbols intends to be an extension and improvement of the characters and marks currently used in subtitling for the hearing impaired, since this form of subtitling mainly and only transcribes the verbal part of the soundtrack. Through the prototype the research team will test whether the basic concept of this innovation project is viable. The prototype also will be used to convince and attract potential (non-artistic) research partners.

  • Duration: 2014-
  • E-mail:

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