Drawing is Thinking - Thinking is Moving, Ronny Delrue

Drawing is Thinking - Thinking is Moving. Drawing as Refuge and Meeting Place

  • Project Leader: Ronny Delrue (LUCA Faculty of the Arts, RU Image, RG Art & Argument)
  • Team: Bart Geerts (LUCA Faculty of the Arts, RU Image, RG Art & Argument), Nancy Vansieleghem (LUCA Faculty of the Arts, RU Image, RG Art, Practices & Education), Katelijne Van der Stighelen (KU Leuven, RG Art History), Wendy Wiertz (KU Leuven, RG Art History), Jan De Vylder (KU Leuven, Faculty of Architecture, campusses St.-Lucas Brussels and Ghent), Ann Vanderheyden (CIAP-Vereniging voor Actuele Kunst), Philippe Van Cauteren (SMAK.)

"Drawing is Thinking – Thinking is Moving" investigates the role of the drawing in the genesis of images
and questions the relevance, range and meaning of the popular analogy between drawing and thinking.
The research project organizes a number of confrontations between drawing artists and collects samples
of "extraordinary" drawings. The collected research material will be analysed from different perspectives
and collected in a comprehensive research and book publication. By zooming in on the drawing as an
intuitive movement towards the realisation of images, the diversity of drawing as a thought process, and
the importance of drawing in (artistic) development, "Drawing is Thinking – Thinking is Moving" will
generate insights in the development of visual language. The actual relevance of drawing in a strongly
digitised society is based on the materiality of the drawing as a thought process in movement.

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