Film School Time

Herman Asselberghs

  • Research unit: Intermedia
  • Research group: Narrative Arts

School and cinema both have the potential to open up the world, to arouse interest by bringing about a prolonged, even a suspended time in which awaiting and attentiveness can take shape. This potential is put to the test when the quotidian can no longer be kept at bay. As tweets, text messages and breaking news demand response right here right now, (the possibility of) interruption becomes the rule rather than the exception.

Cinema seems to be good place to talk about the classroom since both these attention engines have in common a similar apparatus that is subject to profound change. Its transformation runs parallel to other thorough shifts in education and schooling, such as the systemic restructuring of (Flemish) higher arts education and the young adult's development inherent to going through a 5-year BA/MA program. As it were, the school environment is a lab space in which all of these transitions can be observed, researched and visualised. 

This PhD research project in the arts stems from Herman Asselberghs’ audiovisual practice within the international field of the artist film. His film works explore possible relationships between text and image as well as between speaking on and off screen. Under the (working) title Film School Time, he aims at making a film essay within the school environment of the higher arts education institute, in particular within the Brussels film department of LUCA School of Arts, examining on site the dialectic of attention and distraction in the age of the network. 

In the last 15 years, the Brussels-based artist Herman Asselberghs has built a modest but precise and internationally presented body of audiovisual work, in which he explores the borders between word and image, world and media, poetics and politics.

  • Promotor: Hilde Van Gelder (KU Leuven)

  • Co-promotors: Nicola Setari (LUCA) and Manon de Boer (Auguste Orts)

  • Duration: 2017-2021

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