Hannah Joris: Via the Body

Via the Body. A Research on the Expression of the Human Condition through Body Fragmentation – Jewelry Art as Contemporary Relics

Hannah Joris

This research is an investigation how the fragmentation of the body can express those challenges we are confronted with through our human condition. The meaning of the fragment, the (making of) object(s), a sense of loss, the (fragmented) human body in representations, and the body’s response to corporeal representations are explored by means of artistic work based on the (de-) forming of the human body. The artistic research focuses on jewelry art, objects and drawings, and their soothing role for humanity.

Exhibition: Via the Body - Modemuseum, Hasselt (18 october – 30 december 2013)

  • Supervisor: Barbara Baert
  • Co-Supervisor: Bert Willems
  • Duration: completed 2013
  • E-mail: hjoris@mail.phl.be

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