It’s Walls, Floors, Ceiling and Windows, Richard Venlet

It’s Walls, Floors, Ceiling and Windows. The Status of the Artwork as a Spatial (Presentation-) Framework

  • Project Leader: Richard Venlet (LUCA Faculty of the Arts, RU Intermedia, RG Mediated Environments)
  • Team: Arnaud Hendrickx (KU Leuven, Faculty of Architecture), Bart Verschaffel, (UGhent, Vakgroep Architectuur & Stedenbouw), Philippe Van Cauteren, (S.M.A.K.), Iris Paschalidis, (S.M.A.K.), Martin Germann, (S.M.A.K.), Dirk Pauwels, (S.M.A.K.)

Since the beginning of my artistic career and my first exhibitions, the spatial aspects of the exhibition-space are an important item. In my earlier mural sculptures, the wall of the exhibition-space still served as a demarcation of a background and there was a search for a symbiosis between the object and the space where it was showed. In a further evolution in my work, the theme of the wall as presentation-surface obtained more and more its own identity. The spatial installations of this period were getting more and more radical and autonomous, in such a way that the showed object was left for the presentational condition – the white wall – in itself. Within this series of works, the relation with the surrounding architecture and the broader context of the exhibition gained more and more importance. the result was a continually growing architectural manifestation of the work. This more architectural position was at the same time also the start for a series of projects where the work was used as background and/or carrier for external layers of presentation and completion. More recently it seems that a new synergy emerges, not this time between the showed object and the surrounding space, but rather between the work/installation as a spatial frame for a specific and self curating completion. For my doctoral research, I want research the status and the place of these exhibition- and (presentation-)frames within my own praxis.

  • Duration: completed 2014 (start 2013)
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