KEEP FORGET, Andrea Wilkinson

KEEP FORGET. A Research on transforming Location-Based Memories, Stories and Messages into Personal and Public Artifacts

  • Project Leader: Andrea Wilkinson (LUCA Faculty of the Arts, RU Inter-Actions, RG Social Spaces)
  • Team: Selina Schepers (LUCA Faculty of the Arts, RU Inter-Actions, RG Social Spaces)

"Keep Forget" is an artistic research project that focuses on transforming location-based memories, stories and messages into tangible objects (i.e. artifacts), both in a personal as well as in a public context. Within this research, the neighborhood Winterslag of the city of Genk will function as a case study. In this case study, the residents of the neighborhood will be involved in a participatory way. They will participate in the project by sharing their reflections on and their stories and (individual) memories about their city experience and the changes and challenges it has faced over time. "Keep Forget" will especially focus on the identity of the neighborhood Winterslag, construed by these reflections, stories and memories.

  • Duration: 2013-
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