Lore Langendries: (Im) Perfect Design

(Im) Perfect Design. An Innovative Design Method to Unite the Design Strategies of the Prototypical Craftsman and Industrial Designer in Contemporary Jewellery Design

Lore Langendries

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A research that aims to develop an innovative design method to unite the design strategies of the prototypical craftsman and industrial designer in contemporary jewellery design. The last decades contemporary jewellery design is, due to the rise of the industrial machine, more distanced from the pure crafts that characterized the silversmith. These new means of development must be used to enable an added value to the implementation of a design. As contemporary jewellery designers, we are on a continuum between the prototypical craftsman and the prototypical industrial designer. The challenge in this research is, through the media of contemporary jewellery design, to unite these two worlds based on a design research that yields an innovative designmethod. In this designmethod the disadvantages of each branch are eliminated and the benefits are placed into a good light. This is done by explicitly looking in this research for a new way of designing that unites both positions or methods of practice, and that even transforms them. The aim is to explicitly balance between the craftsman and the designer to develop artistic jewellery and objects that reflect both designmethods.

Supervisors: Ludo Froyen and Bert Willems
Duration: 2011-15
E-mail: lore.langendries@gmail.com

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