Lyric Film-Poem. Marina Kazakova

Lyric Film-Poem. A research on how the unique characteristics of lyric poetry can be expressed in film.

Marina Kazakova

  • Research Unit: Image
  • Research Group: Art & Argument

In my doctoral research I would like to examine how the basic characteristics of lyric poetry can be expressed in film: (1) form,  (2) musical qualities, (3) figurative language, (4) non-narrative, vertical investigation of the situation, and (5) the first-person point of view/ a self-reflexive speaker. The link between film and the literary fields of drama and epic are obvious (and well-studied), whereas the lyric form poses a challenge. This research places particular emphasis on the most specific and direct use of lyric poetry within film: 'a lyric film-poem'. The instruments of the film analysis and production should lead to a better understanding of my film practice within contemporary film-poetry field and serve as an impetus for realizing lyric poetry within the medium of film.

The research question will be addressed from two interlocking perspectives. On the one hand, an overview of the characteristics of lyric poetry and film-poetry is given and the analysis of how A.Tarkovsky, M.Duras and R.Litvinova filmed their poetry. On the other hand, this theoretical investigation will provide input for the series of my own film-poem experiments.  My goal is to use methods such as cinematographic theory, interdisciplinary workshops and filmmaking to find out how can a lyric poem be expressed in film. 

Since I write in Russian and in English, one of the side-questions that I will try to answer during this research period is ‘What is the effect of a different language on the combination of text and image’?

  • Supervisor: Dr. Volkmar Mühleis (KU Leuven)
  • Co-supervisors: Dr. Jan Peeters (LUCA), Dr. Steven Malliet (LUCA)
  • Duration: 2018 - 2022
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