Maarten Van Mechelen: Co-Designing Technology with Children in the Fuzzy End Front of Design

Co-Designing Technology with Children in the Fuzzy End Front of Design

Maarten Van Mechelen

  • Research Unit Interaction
  • Research Group Social Spaces

Within the area of Child Computer Interaction (CCI) children have participated in the design of technology for over two decades using a variety of established methods. Generative techniques such as "co-design" are often used in Participatory Design with children, but some problems remain unresolved when involving children as design partners. Firstly, we need a structured way to address challenging "intra-group dynamics" when co-designing technology with children, since these dynamics clearly impact both process and outcomes. Secondly, we need an approach to move beyond "naive empiricism" and the tendency to analyze co-design outcomes solely in "computing terms", that is, on a functional or attribute level. In this research, that combines a "research through design" and "case study research" approach, we will tackle both problems. Based on insights from multiple co-design studies and literature, we will develop a method and accompanying toolkit for co-designing technology with children in the early, fuzzy front end of design.

  • Supervisor KU Leuven: Ann Laenen
  • Supervisor UHasselt: Bert Willems
  • Co-Supervisor: Vero Vanden Abeele
  • Duration: 2014-52018
  • E-mail:¬†

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