Open source modular metal molding system. Bram Kerkhofs

Open source modular metal molding system.

  • Research unit: LABOPro
  • Course: Interior design

This PWO research project seamlessly connects to a previous research study in which 3 methods of producing constructional components for furniture and prototypes from metal casting in customizable wood and steel molds were investigated. Because these molds are made up of multiple, different or identic parts, from this model, out of one mold different parts can be developed to integrate in furniture and constructions. (hinges, couplings, etc.) The advantages of this system are, on the one hand, the lower cost of manufacturing construction parts in function of a limited edition, on the other hand, it offers the opportunity to produce several different structural parts from the many possible combinations of mold parts inside a system. The system is intended to be able to produce a number of identical parts.

One of these methods works with aluminum and steel mold parts and is perfect for further developing as a "system". This system allows endless mold parts to be added, which only increase the formal and constructive capabilities.

Opening this system to other users makes it possible to further development and expand the range of construction parts. Expanding this system with the creations of other designers by implementing them into a growing accessible database creates a whole that becomes increasingly interesting.

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