Ronny Delrue: Het onbewaakte moment van zeven Vlaamse kunstenaars

Het onbewaakte moment van zeven Vlaamse kunstenaars. Een analyse van de gecontroleerde ongecontroleerdheid tijdens het tekenproces bij de genese van het beeld

Ronny Delrue

  • Research Unit Image
  • Research Group Art & Argument

The "controlled uncontrollability" in the process of drawing: the genesis of a portrait. I consider my diarynotes as a direct reflection of the mind, a breeding ground out of which new images can originate. Moreover, they are also a kind of preliminary survey for later concepts. Images that rise from one's deepest thoughts show portraits of the process of thinking, the mind. The notion "controlled uncontrollability" arose from my experience that an interesting image is not only made, but also originates: the moment you are absorbed in the working process. In this way there often also arise interesting portraits of the body. Individual casestudies occur and are being contemplated in an art-historical context. Interviews with contemporary plastic artists put the subject matter in a current framework. The artistic work is the basis of reflection.

Exhibition: "Het Onbewaakte Moment", Raveelmuseum, Machelen-Zulte (13 november 2011 - 19 february 2012) en Broelmuseum, Kortrijk (25 oktober - 23 december 2011)

  • Supervisor: Katlijne Van der Stighelen
  • Co-Supervisor: Volkmar Mühleis
  • Supervising Committee: Kris Fierens
  • Duration: completed 2011
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